360° Eco-Friendly

Our Values

Eco-friendly transportation of goods

Eco-friendly, energy efficient and cost effective are the attributes for a sustainable transportation of goods. Also to reduce CO2-emissions and therefore preserve our environment, Aqipa is mostly getting his goods by sea from Asia to Europe since years. Per year we are able to save tons of CO2 in comparison to the use of air freight.

When our goods arrived in the big habours of Europe the goods have to be brought to our central stock in Kundl. Also for this further transportation we do already use in comparison over 80% eco-friendly ways - like going by train. Due to our consequent commitment Aqipa saves in comparison to transport by truck yearly another few thousand tons of CO2.

360° Eco-friendly Schadstofffrei CO2 Emission Bahn Schiff

Non-Toxic Products

Not just our environment also our customers and their families health is close to our heart. For this reason we are working together with well known testing laboratories to keep our products and the products of our partners absolutely non-toxic. Of course all of our products are compliant with EU-restrictions and law but we go one giant step further, to make sure that also improper use e.g. through kids, doesn't cause any risks.

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