Vision and Culture

Corporate Social Responsibility - In tune with our fellow men and nature

Our Values

As a successfull company we are concious about the responsibility we have for our employees, fellow men and the whole environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility stands for superior engagement in terms which are far succeeding normal business:

  • Apprenticeship and further education
  • Equality of chances
  • Safety at work
  • Health of our employees

This engagement is very close to our heart. As a family business our company is just like a big and strong family itself. All our employees are working hand in hand which is very important to us. Solidarity, integration, communication and appreciation characterises our internal working atmosphere.

Aqipa GmbH employs two workers with handicap. Everyone of them affords a big contribution to the working life in our company and is part of the community. The mix of people with different strength but the same sin for integration and cooperation characterises our corporate social responsibility.

Aqipa is working on this success and development and therefore we were rewarded with the follwoing honours:

i2008 the Integration award for companies which do care especially for the integration of people with handicap was awarded for the seventh time. This award is assigned by the Working-Assistance Tyrol, shortly ARBAS. ARBAS is a non-profit organisation which is working on the field of social services. This organisation is anxious about the best possible work and social integration of people with psychological or physical handicap into the working life. Also the Aqipa company got an award for their special engagement and their corporate social responsibility in the field of working for with people with handicap.




Aqipa Gear Guru Trigos Award Verleihung CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Werte


2006 the Aqipa company was awarded with the "Trigos-Award" for exceptional engagement in corporate social responsibility. The "Trigos" is an award for companies which comit in an exceptional way for humanity, integration, tolerance and environmental awareness. Therefore companies which are living this values and running projects to realise and/or integrate this values into their business strategy. Out of the three categories: Society, working environment and market the Aqipa company got awarded in the category "working environment". It is about archetype actions in the field of education, motivation and equal treatment of employees and teammates.




Furthermore the Aqipa company is always anxious about how to treat nature, for sustainable and effective actions to protect our environment.

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