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Intro Header

Paragraph with 200 to 400 characters. This paragraph seeks to establish a connect between the Brand and Aqipa, or a reason why we like the brand.

Catchphrase or Claim

Name of the product

Begin with a text of 250-400 characters (with spaces). The text should quickly explain the main benefits of the product while keeping it brief enough to be readable within 15 seconds. 

Say which variants it is available in (if there's way too many, be creative)


  • People love bullet points
  • Give them some highlights like this
  • Easy information, give objective features ("Warm sound" is not objective!)
  • use 4-6 points, be relevant and brief.

Text image components can be used

But they are tricky as they will look mismatched if the character count isn't roughly the same. Max is 255. Use this if you have categories within the brand or something cool to link to, like we do on Marshall.

Information about the brand

A paragraph which gives some background information about the brand. Try to mix in some high traffic keywords, like "Bose has been on the forefront of Wireless headphones and Noise cancelling headphones ever since it became a popular category". Aim for at least 500 characters although there's no real limit, some brands, Pioneer, Onkyo, TEAC for example, will be easier and can have more text, while others will be harder, like Baseus.