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A snappy sub-headline, can be used for the brand's tagline

Write a short paragraph about the brand + Aqipa, for instance a short history about the brand and what you can expect from them.

You can use the second paragraph to establish a connection between the brand and Aqipa, perhaps say why we work with them or where we distribute. 

video thumbnail

Download the HTML and swap out the necessary lines to add your video. Once done, do not simply upload your file to the existing container, create a new container. The CSS can stay, so that it is the same for all brand pages.

Product name

Tagline or category, optional

Briefly describe the product. Mention a launch date if it's an upcoming product. Use 3 bullet points to talk about the top three features/USP.

For the image, remember to create a new media container and don't replace the image in the cloned media container. You can also create this entry from scratch, if that's easier for you.


Exclusive trade fair offers

Insert a short text to promote the exclusive trade fair offers. Once you've changed the html file and ready to upload, replace the container for html file, you will otherwise edit other components as well. The CSS and JS do not have to be exchanged.
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Strong brand presence at the point of sale

Our POS materials not only offer visual stimuli, but also informative content. Interactive screens and detailed product descriptions give customers the opportunity to better understand the features and benefits of INSERT BRAND AND PRODUCTS HERE.
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A lovely outro headline

And an even lovelier sub-headline

If needed, add an outro paragraph or even a second text image slider component.