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September 18, 2023 2 reading time

Capture memories in style with the Polaroid I-2 camera!

Introducing the Polaroid I-2. Engineered and designed for craft, it’s the first analog instant camera with built-in manual controls. Pair it with the sharpest-ever Polaroid lens and the unique chemistry of Polaroid film, and you have an instant craft tool made for the tactile, creative pursuit of analog photography. The I-2 gives you the sharpest […]

September 18, 2023 < 1 reading time

Introducing the future of Home Entertainment.

XGIMI’s HORIZON Ultra Long-Distance Beamer! Revolutionize your home theater experience with the all-new XGIMI HORIZON Ultra Long-Distance Beamer! Say goodbye to small screens and hello to cinema-quality visuals right in your living room. This cutting-edge beamer boasts unmatched picture clarity and jaw-dropping brightness, delivering an immersive viewing experience like never before. Whether you’re binge-watching your […]

Brand new GoPro Hero12.

September 15, 2023 4 reading time

GoPro Hero12 – the official camera of fun.

The GoPro HERO12 Black sets new standards in ruggedness, form factor and versatility. GoPro's flagship camera builds on the breakthrough performance of its predecessor. The newly developed power management system enables up to two times longer battery life. In addition, the HERO12 delivers stunning HDR (high dynamic range) video in 5.3K and 4K, support for Bluetooth audio devices including Apple AirPods, and improved HyperSmooth 6.0 video stabilisation, as well as a host of powerful new camera features for beginners and professionals.

Marshall headphones

September 1, 2023 < 1 reading time

Falsificaciones de productos Marshall en circulación

“En nombre de la Agencia Federal de Redes se retiraron de la circulación unos 45 millones de productos ilegales y peligrosos”. Nos gustaría informarle de que desde hace algún tiempo circulan productos Marshall falsificados. Ya hemos mantenido intensas conversaciones con el fabricante a este respecto y podemos asegurarle que nosotros, como Aqipa, somos el único […]

Marshall headphones

September 1, 2023 < 1 reading time

Prodotti Marshall contraffatti in circolazione

“Circa 45 milioni di prodotti illegali e pericolosi sono stati rimossi dalla circolazione per conto della Federal Network Agency”. Desideriamo informarvi che da qualche tempo sono in circolazione prodotti Marshall contraffatti. Abbiamo già avuto intensi colloqui con il produttore a questo proposito e possiamo assicurarvi che noi, come Aqipa, siamo l’unico distributore ufficiale del marchio […]

August 11, 2023 2 reading time

IFA 2023 – Must see brands and new partners

New Partnerships – Gaming Gelblaster Did you know that globally, people have an average screen time of 6 hours and 58 minutes per day? Even almost half (49%) of 0-2-year-olds already interact with smartphones. With our new brand Gelblaster, getting your kids out to play has never been easier. The adrenaline-filled, competive play is not […]

Going for a picnic with the brand new Woodland from Pure.

July 19, 2023 2 reading time

The brand new Woodland from Pure

Unleashing the Melodies of Nature. Pure has once again revolutionized outdoor audio with the release of the stunning Woodland outdoor radio. With its exceptional sound quality and rugged durability, this radio is a must-have companion for outdoor enthusiasts. This brand new outdoor radio has hit the market with a resounding success, receiving rave reviews from outdoor enthusiasts and audiophiles alike. Its rugged design, impressive sound quality, and versatile features have captured the hearts of adventurers worldwide. Be sure to check out the reviews.

June 13, 2023 3 reading time

What’s new at TEAC?

VRDS-701 Introducing the VRDS-701 and the VRDS-701T, a cutting-edge CD player and CD-transport, that revolutionizes audio playback with its advanced technologies. Developed by the renowned TEAC brand, this player combines their legacy of excellence with innovative VRDS mechanisms, resulting in an unparalleled audio experience. At the heart of the VRDS-701 lies the Vibration-Free Rigid Disc-Clamping […]

What makes advertising effective.

June 6, 2023 3 reading time

Celebrating Excellence

A closer look at the prestigious Effie Awards. Unveiling the power of the Effie Awards In the dynamic realm of marketing and advertising, where creativity meets strategy, the Effie Awards stand tall as a beacon of recognition for outstanding achievements. With a rich legacy spanning decades, this globally renowned accolade showcases campaigns that have not […]

Aqipa @ High End in Munich

June 6, 2023 3 reading time

High End Munich – it was a blast!

High End Munich, the premier audio exhibition, witnessed an awe-inspiring showcase of sonic supremacy as we proudly presented our exceptional products from Teac and Esoteric. Our booth became a buzzing hub, attracting enthusiasts and industry connoisseurs who marveled at the unrivaled craftsmanship and uncompromising sound quality. Success was ours, and visitors immersed themselves in an unforgettable audio extravaganza.

Products of We Are Rewind

May 17, 2023 2 reading time

We Are Rewind – Reigniting the Magic of Cassette Tapes

In a world where streaming services and digital downloads dominate the music landscape, it's remarkable to see a brand like We Are Rewind emerge, breathing new life into the nostalgic charm of cassette tapes. Founded in 2016 by Florian Bretones, a true connoisseur of retro audio, We Are Rewind has become a beacon for those seeking a unique and authentic music experience.