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We help brands grow on- and offline through innovative got to market approaches and services across the entire value chain, from logistics & warehousing to distribution & merchandising, channel marketing and brand building to e-commerce and social media management.


Field Sales Force

Our exceptionally large sales team enables us to provide services such as rack jobbing, promotions etc., even for decentrally organised customers.

Every day our employees are on the ground at the POS and make sure that our products are prominently displayed everywhere. We also implement individual services such as store conversions, training, POS placements etc. competently, quickly and simply.

Key Account Sales Force

A strong key account team is the ideal basis for providing you with excellent support. For each category there is an expert who has a close relationship with the individual customer, and who can react quickly to your specific needs.

Sales Controlling

In order to keep you up-to-date on current sales, stock levels etc., we offer various possibilities for sales controlling.

We'll be happy to discuss in detail which statistics you need for specific periods.


Regular training is not only important in sport. Sales people have to keep up the training, too.

This is why we offer our partners as well as our employees regular sales and product training sessions, so that they can provide consulting and sales services in a competent and confident manner. Our highly motivated and well-trained coaching team is looking forward to meeting you and your team.


E-commerce has drastically changed retailing over the last few years. However, many customers want to continue the shopping experience and prefer in-store purchases to online shopping in order to have first-hand contact with products and people.

The final purchasing decision depends on many factors. Without doubt, professional product advice is important when it comes to arousing emotions. We offer the opportunity to create this experience with young and motivated promoters.

Sales Gear

With thousands of products in total and hundreds of new articles each month, it is difficult to keep track of everything. For this reason, we have developed SalesGear, an app that allows our salespeople to keep their business under control and - on your behalf - to get the best out of our products and services.

Tour planning, product catalogues, new products & promotions, delivery scheduling, auto-replenishment and much more. SalesGear provides all the tools for successful sales operations.

Customer Service

Our customer service team combines all the services which are necessary for successful order processing. Orders, no matter whether generated by your own sales team or by our team, are accepted by email, telephone or via existing EDI connections, and then processed and forwarded to our logistics section or an external logistics provider.

Thanks to our international structure we have customer service centres in many countries within Europe and even in Australia, which is why we can offer on-the-spot support without language or cultural barriers in your country.

Rackjobbing & Merchandising


  • Early visualisation by 3D planners and designers
  • Optimisation of product placement taking into account retail requirements
  • Uniform and area-wide POS presentation according to CI specifications
  • Efficient product placement by qualified specialists
  • Complete shop-in-shop management from a single source

Shelf Optimisation

With today's abundance of products, it's important to show the right product range in the right quantity and in the right location at the POS.

For this reason we fully rely on shelf space optimisation, and plan stocking operations with special planogram software.

Additional Services


Campaign planning, bonus processing and forecasting for your perfect product.


Highly automated warehouse, return handling and reverse logistics as well as financing.


Transparency on sell-through, stock and area coverage analysis.


Brand Building, Channel Marketing, Social Media Management, Events and Media planning.