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Hombli - A smart home for everyone

Creating a safe and effortless smart home experience for everyone - with devices that are each easy to install, control, and automate with a single smartphone app, all the while protecting personal data.

Smart Doorbell

Smart doorbell with motion detection, a built-in battery and two-way audio.

  • Speak to visitors when not home
  • Receive motion detection notifications on your phone
  • Capture what's in the dark with infrared night vision
  • Connect with Hombli Chime to hear your doorbell when your phone is not around

Smart Outdoor Camera

1080p Full HD Camera with 90° angle view

  • Flexible installation
  • Automated notifications of observed activities
  • Voice control via Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri
  • Secure data storage

Easy Installation

Hombli provides a user-friendly and seamless smart home creation. Within seconds, Hombli smart devices are installed directly to your Wi-Fi network. All you need is the Hombli app on your smartphone.

One-App Control

The free Hombli app allows you to control any of your Hombli devices with your smartphone. It lets you remote-control your devices, create schedules, set up automations for your smart home and more.

Safety First

Hombli runs on the Tuya Smart IoT platform, which is certified by cybersecurity specialists for guaranteed privacy protection. Your data will remain anonymous, unshared and only visible to you.

IoT Connectivity

A smart home experience that works flawlessly with current and future Internet of Things technology: We continuously invest in new IoT technology, so you always have access to the latest smart features.



About Hombli

Hombli is a smart home brand founded in the Netherlands, that’s all about creating a safe and effortless smart home experience for everyone. Hombli believes that turning a home into a smart home should be so easy and low entry, that everyone should be able to do it.

With this in mind, Hombli have developed a user-friendly and safe smart home experience suitable to their name. Their smart home devices are each easy to install, control, and automate with a single app on your smartphone. Your data is always protected with encryption, so you can use Hombli without any worries about your privacy.

Whether you just want smarter lighting or a fully automated smart home, it’s set up in a matter of seconds with Hombli!