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Wilfa home appliances: exceed all your expectations

November 29, 2022 4 reading time

Wilfa home appliances: exceed all your expectations

Norwegian brand Wilfa. The company develops high-quality kitchen appliances. Wilfa has become one of the leading suppliers of small electrical appliances, which are part of everyday life in millions of households.

Milo, Action Communicator. No matter where and what sport you do, never lose contact.

November 24, 2022 2 reading time

Milo, Action Communicator. No matter where and what sport you do, never lose contact.

With Milo the Action Communicator, you will never again lose contact with your friends while you are moving away from each other on your skis, snowboard or surfboard, for example.

November 23, 2022 2 reading time

HERO11 Black Mini – small action camera, big performance

GoPro has not only launched the new Hero11 this year, but also a more compact version called Hero11 Black Mini. The smaller version of the action camera is even easier to attach and store. You can read about the other advantages of the device in the following article.

More or less aggressive prices on Black Friday 2022?

November 23, 2022 < 1 reading time

More or less aggressive prices on Black Friday 2022?

In the course of a survey on LinkedIn, we asked our community to vote on their expectations for Black Friday. You can find the results of this survey in our article.

New Evoke on a cosy background.

November 17, 2022 3 reading time

Radio Habits 2020

During the pandemic, only the purchasing behavior of our customers changed. Music behavior, especially the relationship with classic radio, also made a comeback.

Baseus - Based on users. Creates products based on consumer reviews and needs and wants.

November 17, 2022 2 reading time

Baseus: Based on User

Baseus - Based on users. Was founded in China back in 2011 and creates all kinds of different products mostly based on consumer needs and wants.

A map of the Nordic countries: Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland

November 17, 2022 7 reading time

Country Focus: Nordics

After Australia, Belgium and Poland, we're taking on a major region this time. Describing the economics of a single country in 2,000 words is a challenge already, but doing the same for 5 different countries with multiple languages and currencies is damn near impossible. Nevertheless, we decided to cover the "Nordics" in one chapter of our Country Focus series.

The Art of Commerce

November 17, 2022 6 reading time

The Art of Commerce: Part I

In this new 3-part series, our Chief Digital Officer Björn Köster and Chief Marketing Officer Hubert Eiter explore recent developments in the realm of online and offline retailing and dissect the implications for the consumer electronics industry with some exclusive expert insights.

The Horizon will turn your living room into a home theater in no time.

November 17, 2022 2 reading time

XGIMI: Projectors for wherever you feel at home

XGIMI's projectors not only offer more than great resolution, some of the devices are also portable and can be taken anywhere.

Air purifier from Blueair

November 16, 2022 2 reading time

Air purifiers against Covid: A Blueair study.

Do Blueair purifiers remove coronavirus? To help answer this question, Blueair took an aggressive approach to put the HealthProtect™ air purifiers to the test as the leading brand to test against the live SARS-CoV-2 virus. Results from bio safety lab, MRIGlobal, show the HealthProtect™ 7400 series air purifiers effectively removed 99.99% of the live airborne virus (SARS-CoV-2) from an 0,37 m³ biosafety lab test chamber.

Country Focus Spain

November 16, 2022 6 reading time

Country Focus: Spain

We’ve covered Belgian, Polish, Australian and Nordic markets, and this time we’re venturing into Mediterranean territory. More specifically speaking, Spain, the country that gave the world tapas, sangria and two of the most revered football clubs to ever exist (our office in Barcelona says there is only ONE!).