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Help: FAQs about tools

FAQs and the answers:

Q: Can I download product documents directly from the AQIPA website?
A: You can download various files directly from the product pages. Simply navigate to the menu point "downloads."  Please be aware that this does not apply to every product listed on our site.

Q: What does this symbol mean   ?
A: This symbol relates to video clips that show in detail how to use the items and which functions they offer.

Q: Is there an option to download product information in a compact format?
A: Every product page contains has an icon labelled “Datasheet”. If you click on this icon, a PDF-File with a compact overview will download automatically .

Q: How do I use the HIDE MY PRICE function?
A: Under "My Account," you will find the menu point “Hide my Price." This function makes your purchase price disappear and shows you the item's retail price instead. This feature is very useful for price negotiations.

Q: Can I change my password?
A:  Under "My Account,” you can find the menu point “CHANGE PASSWORD”. Simply click on it and update your password.

Q: Where can I look up my order history and recent orders?
A: Under "My Account," there is a menu point called 'Order History'. Click on it and you will see all your orders.