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eMeet - Making meeting experiences better

In the era of virtual offices, online companies and remote work teams, hosting meetings or conferences that allow audience members to connect and interact in meaningful ways is more important than ever. What sets eMeet apart is their proprietary Voice IA technology, which effectively removes background noise and echoes during calls and can be found in all their modern speakerphones and more advanced web cams.




1080p Full HD Camera with 90° angle view

  • 90° field of view lets you easily capture everything going on in front of the camera, even large whiteboards from close up!
  • A wide field of view sounds nice, but will you have to adjust the focus depending on where you are in the room? Do not fret, C980Pro comes with constant ultra-wide focus for everything between 5 to 500cm from the camera
  • No need to worry about pesky background noise, 4 omnidirectional microphone arrays with built-in Voice IA noise reduction will let the viewer focus on what’s important
  • Easy to use and easy to install, plug & play and an universal clip makes it a breeze to use this webcamera wherever you go

OfficeCore M2 Conference Speaker

The perfect speakerphone for smaller meetings with up to 8 people

  • 360° voice pick up with 4 smart microphone arrays allows everyone to make their voice heard
  • Got something private to say or you simply wish to be silent for a portion of time? The mute button in the middle of the panel is a fast and easy way to make that happen, and will make the light ring turn red
  • VoiceIA™ cancels out unwanted voices and noises, even in noisy outdoor areas
  • Can accommodate up to 8 meeting participants, or up to 16 if daisy-chained with another M2
  • Highly portable with small and compact design, Bluetooth connectivity and 2600mAh battery




The story of eMeet

eMeet was founded in 2016 and immediately set out to develop innovative meeting solutions with half of their staff being in the research and development department. They would soon come to develop the first generation of their proprietary intelligent voice technology, VoiceIA, with which they went to market in 2017. Being a Chinese company, their main markets would initially include China and Japan, where they were quick to garner success with their smart microphone array products.

They have since then expanded their repertoire with more product categories related to online meetings, much thanks to the influx of knowledge and experience that came with the recruitment of engineers from giants within the consumer electronics market, such as Anker and Harman Kardon to name a couple. Since 2018, their portfolio has been including transcription solutions and HD web cameras, with the newest generation being distributed by Aqipa in Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

2020 has proven to be a decisive year for many markets, and the marketing for meeting solutions perhaps more than others. We are therefore excited to grow together with eMeet, as the landscape for the meeting solution market has changed, perhaps forever, and we will be at the forefront of it.