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Baseus - Based on User

A customer-oriented brand that focuses on design innovation and offers excellent products with sophisticated technology and intelligent production.  


Encok TWS Earphones W04

True Wireless Headphones with 25 hours of battery life at an MSRP of 39.90€

  • High battery life with up to 5 hours per charge, and with an additional 4 charges in the case you can enjoy 25 hours of music between every charge
  • Easy and smooth connection with Bluetooth 5.0, and automatic switching between main and secondary makes it easy to use both or only one at a time
  • Built-in capacitive sensing elements allow you to control the earphones with simple touches, control music playback and calls without digging your phone out of your pocket
  • Built with a semi-in-ear design for comfortable wear without irritating the ear canals, and comes with IP54 so you don’t have to worry about dust or splashes of water ruining the earphones

A2 Car Vacuum Cleaner

Portable vacuum cleaner for your car and home.

  • Cordless, portable and to be used everywhere. Its size and weight makes it perfect for storing in your car to keep it clean, but can of course also be used anywhere at home
  • Equipped with three 18650 batteries, allowing the vacuum cleaner to run for over 18 minutes while providing robust pressure
  • Charging via USB-C port. Either keep it in your car and charge it as you go or charge it in your house. Charging time: 3.5 hours.
  • Sucks or blows depending on what you want. Need to clean your keyboard or pump up an air mattress? No problem!




The story of Baseus

Founded in 2011 as a consumer electronic subsidiary of Shenzhen Besing Technology, Baseus’ goal was to create products with the users in mind, with aesthetic and practical values as a focus. 9 years later, they’ve grown to be one of China’s leading enterprises in the consumer electronics market while adhering to a design philosophy of design innovation and practical aesthetic, focusing on the environmentally friendly materials and new technology, while integrating fashion elements.

2019 proved to be a big year with expansion into several new product categories, such as Automotive and Audio to name a couple. 2019 would also be the year when Baseus expanded their quality control to include a large team of professional quality engineers, providing technical support and other services under the working name ‘Baseus Laboratory’. In addition, their design and creation team was expanded to include a staff of over 500 individuals, all dedicated to collecting feedback and adapting their products after customers wishes, which gave them an incredible flexibility in meeting the demands from various different markets